Indiegogo – Miranda Fleming Interview

Indiegogo – Miranda Fleming Interview

Financing a film is a notoriously tricky process. There are legendary stories of budgetary excess, but the problem nearly everyone faces is getting anything to be excessive with. Many great films almost fell at that first hurdle, while we’ve missed out on countless others that never got the green light. […]


Queen of Earth – Alex Ross Perry Interview

Four features in and director/writer Alex Ross Perry has changed direction. After making his name with a series of wordy comedy/dramas, his new film, Queen of Earth, takes him into claustrophobic horror. Starring Elisabeth Moss and Katherine Waterston, it tracks Moss’ mental breakdown over the course of a week at […]

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65th Berlin Film Festival Preview

If there’s one thing the Berlin Film Festival has in abundance, it’s films. With hundreds of entries from across the world, the annual Berlinale provides a welcome reminder that the New Year hubbub building around mainstream awards ceremonies isn’t really what cinema is about. Sitting after nominations have already been […]


‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Is Coming

It’s been a while now since audiences were wowed by The Avengers, and it’s safe to say that it remains Marvel’s biggest and boldest film to date. Not only did The Avengers gross over $1.5 billion worldwide, per, but it unquestionably left a bigger mark on the industry and […]

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Aldeburgh Documentary Festival 2014: 20th Anniversary

“Documentary changes what people think about what they think they know already” – Roger Graef, recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award Another fantastic programme at this year’s Aldeburgh Documentary Festival marks its 20th anniversary of celebrating documentary film on the picturesque Suffolk coast. The 2014 programme boasts a remarkably diverse […]

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Blood Moon: An Interview With Jeremy Wooding

Westerns and horror are two genres that have shared the screen many times across the years with surprisingly effective results. From ‘vampire westerns’ such as Dusk Til Dawn (dir.Robert Rodriguez), Near Dark (dir. Kathryn Bigelow) and Vampires (dir. John Carpenter) to modern western creature features such as  Tremors (dir. Ron […]