Flickfeast Picture Puzzle 1

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For your pleasure we have a flickfeast movie picture puzzle!

Name all of the 12 titles correctly and reap glory and eternal fame by gaining entry onto the leaderboard (if you’re one of the first 250 to correctly solve it that is!).

You can try your answers as many times as you like, your score will not be submitted to the leaderboard until you hit “Submit Score to Leaderboard” (which will only appear once you have submitted answers to all of the questions).

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Question 1.

Question 2.

Question 3.

Question 4.

Question 5.

Question 6.

Question 7.

Question 8.

Question 9.

Question 10.

Question 11.

Question 12.

Finally, using the answers to the above questions can you work out the final film title?


PositionUser NameScore
1johndavis7612 / 12
2Kevin Matthews12 / 12
3Tue Sorensen12 / 12
4Honeybunny12 / 12
5chantilly2412 / 12
6Jiggly12 / 12
7cae_prince12 / 12
8Firecracker12 / 12
9BrainBoggler12 / 12
10Crackers12 / 12
11ycjarman12 / 12
12Klaus Mogensen11 / 12
13George Flick Yourself10 / 12

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  • avatar Kevin Matthews says:

    Loved it. I hope my score saves. :-D

  • avatar Tue Sorensen says:

    Hm – can’t guess 1, 3, 8 and 12… :-(

  • avatar EllenRipley112 says:

    I failed. I wish I could enlarge these pics–I can’t tell what Prince Harry’s got all over himself.

  • avatar Tue Sorensen says:

    8 is a tough one. I first tried The Human Stain, then went on to Black Prince, but no luck. I even considered “Dirty Diana”, but that’s a song and not a movie… :-) It’s probably going to be obvious in hindsight…

    I have a new guess for number 3, but apparently I can’t submit my next tries…

  • avatar Kevin Matthews says:

    Apparently, my neighbours have no idea why I am leaning out of the window and yelling “bow to me, my movie-munching minions”. Damn!

  • avatar Robin Yacoubian says:

    Hey Tue, once you’ve submitted your score to the leaderboard you can’t try again… but I have deleted your previous attempt so that you can have another go. Until you submit your score to the leaderboard you can try multiple answers so you might want to keep doing that until you’ve got them all right!!

  • avatar Tue Sorensen says:

    Well, thank you, Robin, for helping me cheat! Appreciate it! LOL! :-) Well, in fairness it wasn’t much cheating, as I actually did figure out all of them by myself, except the first one (the obviousness of which a friend alerted me to), which is a movie that simply isn’t on my mind (I saw it once, and utterly hated it, having done my best to forget about it since).

  • avatar Robin Yacoubian says:

    Hey EllenRipley112, you haven’t failed yet! You can guess as many times as you like and your score is only finally submitted when you choose to “Submit score to leaderboard” so give it another go!

  • avatar BrainBoggler says:

    Thanks for the challenge. A closer look at one of the images would have saved me a half hour or so, but I enjoyed the time anyway.

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