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Chronicle (2012)

Chronicle is a found-footage superhero movie that explores what happens after a group of high school students gain amazing abilities. It starts out like a teen drama, with a shy young guy called Andrew buying a video camera to film his daily events. Through this, we are given a glimpse […]

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Chronicle (2012)

The found-footage movie has become something of a horror and Sci-Fi movie staple of late and these genres seemed to have claimed a monopoly over its usage. With Chronicle however, the already rather saturated market for superhero movies was given a valuable shot in the arm using this novel narrative […]

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Chronicle (2012)

Although the current run of the found footage genre has its rocky moments such as the never-ending Paranormal Activity series, there have been some works which are triumphant like Troll Hunter. After the mock documentary approach on the monster movie (Cloverfield) and the zombie flick (Diary of the Dead), Josh […]

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My Top Ten Most Anticipated Movies of 2012

Fair warning: I am a sci-fi and superhero movie fan first and foremost, so don’t expect too much artsy or mainstream fare on this list. Granted, being a Shakespeare nut, one movie I am enormously excited about is Ralph Fiennes’ Coriolanus, but I have decided not to include it because […]