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DVD Review

We Are the Best! (2013)

After a sparkling start to his directing career with the likes of Show Me Love (1998) and Together (2000), Lukas Moodysson descended into a dark place with a series of deliberately off-putting films of varying quality. With We Are the Best!, an adaptation of his wife’s Coco Moodysson’s graphic novel […]

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Joe (2013)

This stunning epic is a tale that you won’t want to miss. It is dark, brooding, intense and downright depressing, but all that just adds to how fantastic this film really is. I’m being serious when I say that this is a career revival for Nicolas Cage as Joe. The […]

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EIFF 2014: The Overview

We came, we saw, we saw more, and we saw lots and lots more. Yes, as you may have already noticed, it was that most wonderful time of year again. The Edinburgh International Film Festival. As a resident Edinburgher, I always try to make the most of this time, but […]

Film Review

Set Fire To The Stars (2014)

Based on the time, in the 1950s, when an aspiring poet, John M. Brinnin (played by Elijah Wood), brought Dylan Thomas (played here by Celyn Jones) to America, Set Fire To The Stars is a damn sight better than you might expect it to be. Shot in gorgeous black and white, […]

Film Review

Greyhawk (2014)

Alec Newman stars as a blind veteran, Mal, in this interesting, tense drama that shows just what can be done with a simple premise and one or two memorable characters. When I first heard about Greyhawk I also heard that it had a bit of a Harry Brown vibe to it. While […]

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The Japanese Dog (2013)

Victor Rebengiuc is Costache, a slightly stubborn old man trying to rebuild his life after a flood has ruined his home. He’s also recently lost his wife. People try to help guide him in different directions, with some wanting him to sell his land and allow work to star on […]

Film Review

Castles In The Sky (2014)

As harmless and inoffensive as they come, Castles In The Sky is also an undeniably entertaining movie, anchored by a fine performance from Eddie Izzard, wobbly Scottish accent aside. It’s set in some fine British countryside, utilises some fine British actors, and even seems to centre on that favourite British topic […]

Film Review

I Believe In Unicorns (2014)

Mixing some fleeting moments of stop-motion animation with more traditional film-making techniques, I Believe In Unicorns manages to keep things impressively dream-like throughout, making even the more unpleasant moments palatable. Writer-director Leah Meyerhoff uses escapism to look at escapism, on different levels, and the end result is a small film that […]

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I’m Not Him (2014)

A very interesting film that blends a Vertigo-like vibe with something else, something pertaining specifically to Turkey and some general ideas about how people define themselves in different company, I’m Not Him is a movie that creeps along behind you, gets into your head and then won’t leave long after you’ve seen […]

Film Review

Korso (2014)

Teenage dreams, delusion and denial are often at the heart of Edinburgh International’s ‘Teen Spirit’ strand and Akseli Tuomivaara directed Korso is no exception, as a film about small – town dreams and harsh realities in Finland. The film follows the path of 20 year old Marcus and his plans […]