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CANNES 2016 – The BFG (2016)
Film Review

CANNES 2016 – The BFG (2016)

His method may be different, but as a storyteller, Steven Spielberg shares striking similarities with Roald Dahl. Just as he has crafted many moments of purist childlike awe on the screen, so too did Dahl on the page. Their artistic legacies, though individually unique, have equally helped to define millions […]


Bond: The Connery Years (1962 – 1971)

“Bond, James Bond”. Everyone knows the name of the world’s least secret . . . . . . secret agent. He’s 007, he has a licence to kill and he first appeared in 1953 in Casino Royale, the first of many James Bond adventures written by British author Ian Fleming. […]

DVD Review

The BFG (1989)

Oh my, there’s no easy way to say this so I’ll just get to the point. The BFG hasn’t aged well. At all. In fact, it’s aged so badly that it makes me wonder how I gleaned enjoyment from it in the first place, when I saw it back in […]